IPL Laser Hair Removal


How does the system work?

Our IPL hair removal system produces a high intensity flash of filtered light The energy from the light is absorbed by the pigment melanin, that gives the hair its’ colour. The hair acts as a conductor of the light and effectively turns it into heat to raise the temperature of the surrounding cells to 70 degree centigrade or more. The heating kills the cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth.

What colour hair can be treated?

Other than white and grey hair, all hair colours can be permanently reduced through treatments. Dark hairs are most easily treated due to the high concentration of melanin that gives maximum absorption.

Does it hurt?

We have the latest second generation medically tried and tested machine as used by The NHS, so all you will feel is a slight sting. As the light energy is absorbed, the discomfort depends upon the concentration of melanin in the skin and the hairs combined. Consequently there will be more sensation in darker skin types and those with dense hair. No Anaesthesia is required and most patients describe the sensation as relatively painless ('as if a hairbrush has been tapped against the skin.‛)

Do I need to shave prior to treatment?

YES. As long hairs use up the energy and prevent all of it reaching the hair root, hairs should be clean shaven when the patient comes in for the treatment. However do leave a small patch of hair to the area to be treated so as to determine the strength of the hair. By avoiding any other form of epilation, plucking or waxing, it ensures as many follicles as possible contain hair, which can be destroyed by the light. Additionally, bleaching should also be ceased in the weeks leading up to the termination.

Why do Hairs Grow After Treatment?

Unlike other light epilation treatments, hair is not vaporized by the IPL treatment. The heat kills the hair root, but the hair remains in the skin and sometimes becomes attached to the epidermis. Over the 1-3 weeks following the treatment, the hairs will fall out as the epidermis renews itself. During this period it will seem that the hairs are ‘growing.‛

How can you tell if the treatment has worked when the hairs are not removed completely?

A few minutes after the treatment, there are various indications of the effectiveness of the treatment. These include: the colour of hair becoming charcoal, the hair expanding in size or a red ring around each follicle. These are good indications that sufficient heating of the follicles has taken place. However, this is not always seen and many patients have great results without the past treatment signs.

What are the side effects?

The visible light is completely safe, and thus, no special precautions are needed apart from glasses for the brightness generated from the flash lamp. The skin of some patients becomes quite red immediately after treatment and very rarely small blisters like excessive sun exposure can occur. However, most patients experience no side effects at all, and any of the described skin reactions should disappear within hours to a few days. Unlike electrolysis the IPL treatment is non invasive.

How many treatments are necessary?

Only hair in the growth phase at the time of treatment will be affected by the treatment. The number of hairs in this phase varies from 20% to 70% depending on the body site. The lengths of the growth cycles also vary from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the body site. For most patients 4 to 8 treatments are sufficient to permanently reduce an area of hair up to 90%. After the first treatment, most patients get a significant reduction in hair density as new hairs tend to become finer. It is important to know that the first treatment is believed to synchronize the anagen (growth) phase of the non-anagen hairs. This may cause what seems to be regrowth, but is actually just sleeping hairs starting to grow at the same time (new growth). This in turn makes the following treatment(s) more effective.

How do I Prepare for Treatment?

xxPatients should avoid tanning and fake tan applications for 1 month prior to the treatment. Immediately after each treatment session, the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light and strong sunlight should be avoided.

Is it permanent?

A completed course of treatments can at worst guarantee 75% PERMENANT HAIR REMOVAL AT BEST 99%. We generally expect 90%.

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