Plasma Skin Regeneration

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New to FAKE-it.

Every so often Aesthetics takes a leap to a whole new level, and it just has with the launch of
Plasma Skin Regeneration.

We are happy to announce we are the official Touch21 Plasma Regeneration Clinic for West Oxfordshire.

So - what is it?

Lets start with my personal response to only one treatment. These pictures are my eyes ONE WEEK after ONE treatment! I had only a rejuvenation treatment to the eye on the left and and complete treatment to loose skin on the right.


This is unlike any other technology I have seen in my 30 years in this industry! I am so impressed I have secured the sole rights to West Oxfordshire for this Machine! This is not comparable to any beauty treatment and should instead be likened to the results from surgery without the financial and aesthetic cost including down time and how you will look. This will not leave you with the risk of a post surgery wind tunnel look, but will gentle rewind the clock to your natural look of years past. You will still be you!

How does it work?

By Ionising gasses in the air, Plasma Energy is created and delivered with a light touch to the specific skin cells to be treated. This stimulates an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres without causing any damage to surrounding tissue. Over a few days the skin will gently shed and renew itself and collagen fibres form causing further tightening.

Is there any recovery time?

The advantage of Plasma Regeneration is that it offers a complete alternative to surgery. You may have some swelling and redness in the area, which could last for 2-5 days (particularly the eye areas). You may also get minor “crusting” of the skin in the treated area which should be gone within a couple of days but this could be concealed with a mineral based concealer or foundation after 2 days. You will have full recovery in 7 days when you are able to have another treatment if necessary. Follow on treatments can be spaced at a minimum 7 days later to a maximum 21 days later.

Is it painful?

You will be asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to treatment to allow a topical anaesthetic cream to be applied so there is no pain during the treatment. Following treatment you may feel something similar to sunburn for 24 to 48 hours.

Will I look like I have been 'done'?

Unlike Botox, Fillers and Surgery you do not not run the risk of looking different and false. You will have the pleasure of looking exactly like yourself but from years ago!

What kind of results can I expect?

Plasma Regeneration can provide incredible results for a wide variety of skin issues and results are visible after one treatment. However some conditions may require 2-4 treatments to achieve the best results, this very much depends on the age and condition of the skin, such as severe sun damage. We will be able to be much more specific during your consultation.

Which areas can be treated and how much is it?

If multiple treatments to an area are required (due to age and sun damage) - after two treatments the third onward will be priced less 50%

Upper Eyes £290 (both eyes including upper crows feet)

Under Eyes £290 (both eyes including lower crows feet)

Crows Feet £190

Whole Forehead and between Brows £260

Between Brows £170

Hands £300 (includes treating lines and pigmentation together)

Cleavage and chest area £350

Lips (includes surrounding both lips) £190

Nose to Mouth lines £190

Full Face all areas package £900 (save £320)

consultation £20

Scars, Age and Sun Spots, Skin Tags, Freckles, Pigmentation and Stretch Marks, Acne Scars:

Small Areas £95

Medium Areas £125

Large Areas £145

Live Acne/Spots

From £75 (this would be for an area the size of both cheeks)

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