"Jayne at 'Fake It' is a 'One Stop to Beauty'! I have now had most of Jayne's treatments and the best investment I've made! I first went for help for aging skin as I saw the results of Jayne's 'age reversal' skin treatment on a friend, which was seriously impressive! I am delighted with my results. A very serious visible improvement. Skin looks and feels so completely different. Love it!! What also impressed and re-assured me was the level of Jayne's knowledge and commitment to research on beauty treatments and products, so you know you are getting the Best and that you are in a safe and experienced pair of hands that are intent in giving you safe, long term effective results.Which is very important as there are so many products/treatments available that sound great with many promises yet can be damaging to the skin, or just simply, a waste of money!"
Kay - Gloucestershire

"I have been coming to Jayne for nearly two years now slowly working my way through all her treatments and apart from her lovely salon and her very relaxed attitude I am always amazed that whenever I seem to read anything in the national press beauty pages she has either tried it and can give me informative results, is trying it so we can look forward to real results, or has it booked in and about to try it. For sleepy Witney she really is like a Harley Street level practise. I love the fact she takes it all so seriously it comes across more like a hobby than a business and she seems to search out everything I am looking for at age 50. I had IPL hair removal somewhere else and after 8 very painful sessions I gave up when the hairs were still evident. I have had other areas done with Jayne in half the time and nowhere near the pain. My skin is glowing thanks to her products and treatments. Can’t wait to see the results for the face lift and cleavage tightening. If Jayne is in, I am in, she won’t invest if it doesn’t work which is why I am sure she is so difficult to get an appointment with if you don’t book up in advance"
Yvette - Gloucestershire

"Well to be honest when I first went to Fake It I was a bit apprehensive, I had just a few dark hairs on my lip and chin and was a bit embarrassed. Jayne is amazingly friendly and put me at ease instantly. A few hairs? No problem, a 5 minute skin test and I was booked in for this very quick, VERY successful treatment. In fact I was so pleased with the results that I have been having on going treatment for my sun-damaged face. Lovely fruit acid skin peels and IPL treatment too. It has made a huge difference to me and between Jayne and the IPL I always leave Fake It very happy."

I also have nearly finished my IPL treatment for hair removal on my full legs and bikini area. It sounds embarrassing getting everything out in front of Jayne but she is great and makes everything so normal and comfortable. I cannot praise Jayne and Fake It enough, there is only one downside - the gel is freezing when it goes on!!
PH - Witney

“Jayne is a lovely lady who makes you feel very comfortable all the time and although she is up for a laugh she is also very professional and great at what she does. I could see the results after only a few treatments and on the completion of the treatment the final results were exactly what I was after. I would highly recommend Fake It to anyone considering improving the way they feel about their appearance”
James Witney

"Love Jayne! Always feel like I’m going more for a social catch up rather then ‘a procedure’! Jayne is always very welcoming and accommodating and flexible with treatment. As for the treatment itself I have been thrilled with the results and would definitely recommend – in fact have already done so to several friends who are equally as delighted with the results!.. "
Debs - Witney

"I cannot recommend Jayne enough, she is great. She makes you feel totally at ease, no matter how embarrassing or intimate your hair removal is. And it works! I wish I had found her sooner! Don't delay you won't regret it. And if you have been put off by other salons ( I came away feeling uncomfortable and humiliated ) don't worry you won't have the same experience, your body shape is not judged and whatever the problem, Jayne makes you feel normal and natural. Thank you Jayne!"
Liz - Witney

"Friends are regularly asking to me "Your skin is flawless, what make up have you got on?”. My skin has never been something anyone has commented on in the past, even in my youth!

Jayne has been working on my skin just under a year. I came to her with dry dull skin with rosacea to my cheeks and pigmentation speckled over my face from years in the sun. It was generally dull and lifeless and I was a real panstick make up person to try and cover it up. I am honestly now someone who loves the fact my skin is mark free and at most I wear a tinted moisturiser (because I am now banned from a sun tan to my face!) and blusher.

I was hesitant at first but never got a hard sell from Jayne, it was more the commitment that stalled me, but she does instil a quiet confidence in her knowledge and passion for her treatments that it seemed crazy not to try it. After changing to the Regima products, undertaking the peels and IPL treatments I have never looked back and I hadn’t realized how much I had been covering up my skin before! Add to this the fun yet professional atmosphere she creates in her stunning clinic I do not hesitate to recommend her regularly to anyone who will listen!"
Margaret aged 45 Oxford.

"I have been coming to Fake It for IPL hair removal. Jayne is brilliant, she instantly puts you at ease in the surrounds of her beautiful home. It’s like catching up with an old friend rather than going for a treatment. As for the IPL, its uncomfortable not painful, no worse than waxing, only you will be hair free forever rather than back every 6 weeks. Jayne is great at what she does and I can’t recommend her enough. "
Wendy - Witney

"I was nervous and did not know what to expect from the IPL treatments! I was also worried about such a large financial commitment and the results I would get. However as soon as I arrived Jayne made me feel very comfortable and I was able to discuss in detail the areas and problems I wanted her help with, without embarrassment. The premises and treatment room has the comforts and re-assurance of a home, whilst offering a professional and very private treatment space. We discussed my needs and expectations and the process involved and I had a patch test. I had done some research prior to meeting Jayne, and knew immediately she knew her business very well!

When I arrive for my first treatment the procedure was explained again in full and what to expect afterwards. There was little discomfort and I was very conformable throughout. At no point did I feel hurried or like just another client. Jayne offers a very different level of service to other places I enquired locally. Each subsequent treatment Jayne always double checked my details and discussed my last treatment results as well as making me feel comfortable.

I have now completed a course of IPL and the results I have are really excellent. In fact I went on to include other areas as I was so thrilled with the results. I have now had the treatment on all the areas and have had great results all over! My friends and co-workers have all been amazed how well the treatment has works and are jealous of the results! Yes it is a big spend item, but it is worth every penny!

This year I took a long trip overseas and at no point did I need to reach for a razor, check I looked o.k. before wearing swimwear, or take tweezers and mirrors etc! It is incredibly liberating and boosts your confidence no end. Its also a massive time-save. I swim regularly, and need not prepare for each pool visit!

Overall the service and professionalism at "Fake it" is much higher than I think I would have experience in a high street salon or beauty treatment salon scenario. This is why I settled on Jayne at Fake it. This type of treatment needs a professional approach and that's what Jayne offers. The treatments were suited to me, not profit margins and proved to be very good value. I have recommended Fake it to my mum, my friends and will keep doing so!"
Claire - Witney

"Short note to say the ipl laser treatment I had on my face has produced such amazing results! As you know I have always looked after my skin and was a bit wary about laser treatment, downtime and it hurting! I have to say the treatment was pain free, which is a bonus! No downtime and I am so pleased with the results. My skin looks more plumped and fresher.

Once again, thank you and will be booking my next treatment very soon."
Alison - Oxford

"I went to Jayne after seeing an advert locally for Fake-it. It took me ages to pluck up the courage to make an appointment but I was suffering with low self-esteem as I had recently divorced. I had suffered with thick dark facial hair for years and shaved every other day. I was so conscious I felt like a freak going to see her for a consultation. But I am SO glad I did. Jayne has never judged or commented other than with determination of getting me sorted!

I was so pleased with the improvement that I also started treatments for my underarms, back, tummy, legs and bikini….I think that only leaves my head untouched! I am not good with pain but the treatments can’t be that bad for me to have all that too!

We stage treatments as 2hrs can be a lot but Jayne laughs with me as its been known I almost nod-off! The results are amazing and I just wish I had done it years ago.

Jayne is friendly, honest and knows what she is doing, if the hairs haven’t grown enough between appointments she will reschedule so I don’t waste money.

I am so grateful for what Jayne’s treatments have done for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thank you Jayne"
Emma - Witney

"I have just completed a full body hair removal course and am now liberating hair free. I came to Jayne at Fake it originally for hair on my upper lip. Being quiet a hairy person I had always wanted to have my legs and bikini (and many other what I thought odd areas done but apparently not) but felt embarrassed. The great thing about Jayne is how relaxed she makes you feel. Within two treatments I had booked my whole body areas in. It’s the fact it is a private clinic where I only ever saw Jayne and in such a personal and quite long appointment I needed to feel comfortable and this she does brilliantly. It took me 6 sessions and I am done – no more shaving for me. Thanks Jayne x "
Sarah - Witney

"I am 45 years old and in the last 10 years have not been able to wear shorts or sandals in the summer due to the road map of veins scattered all over the place. Thanks to Jayne I now can. I have had 6 vein treatments and can now happily show my legs and feet. I can’t say it was the most comfortable treatment but definitely bearable for the result. Jayne is really great, she is so informative and you feel you will never be sold anything she can’t keep her promise to. Lovely surroundings and very personal service would recommend her highly"
Ella - Witney

"Having spent years trying to cover pigmentation from pregnancy which she informed me was in fact Malasma on my forehead and chin I came to see Jayne to see if it could be lasered off. She was very honest and said it was possible but that I would be in for the long haul as it was so big and so deep and it’s a hormonal thing not easy sun damage. She very generously said if she did not manage to clear it in 10 sessions I would have treatments free until it was cleared. She in fact cleared it in 8 sessions, but I have been vigorously warned I can never put my face in the sun again. Price well worth paying to get rid of what always looked like a dirty face. I am very happy and feel Jayne is someone with the knowledge, patience and friendliness that you could ask anything of any kind of personal treatment. I liked the salon very much and the fact it was always one to one with her."
Francesca - Burford

"My wife booked me in for hair removal to my very hairy back, neck and ears. She actually got this as a valentines present which I didn’t see the funny side of considering I didn’t even know it bothered her. However apart from the fact I can’t see it, it really does feel much better against clothing and was cooler this summer and I am sure she is happier not looking at my sprouting ears. I felt very nervous about going at first, and to be honest embarrassed but Jayne somehow makes you instantly feel like a mate with lots of chat and just gets on with it so quickly and by the time we have put the world to rights, talked about our lives and had a few jokes it was over and done. I am half way through treatments and the hair is very patchy and my wife happy. Just got to think of a suitably ‘romantic’ present for her, next valentines. "
Stephen - Oxford

"Beautiful clinic, absolutely immaculate, and Jayne is very professional and friendly I would not hesitate to recommend Fake It to my friends for any of her list of high end treatments of which I have successfully had, or still having, most."
Georgina - Oxfordshire

"I've been having a course of RegimA skin treatments with Jayne at Fake-It. I would absolutely recommend the treatment as even though it's early days I have already seen a significant improvement in my skin! My appointments with Jayne are great - not only is her treatment room totally gorgeous and very comfortable, Jayne is incredibly professional and has a great approach."
Fran - Oxford

"I initially found Fake it just to have laser hair removal on my underarms (a safe place to start!) but Jayne made me feel so at ease that I went on to have further laser hair removal sessions on a variety of areas and then went on to have teeth whitening done.

Fake It is a 45 minute drive from where I live with plenty of salons offering similar treatments nearby but I am more than happy to make the journey to Jayne because of the friendly and comfortable atmosphere she creates. I can't recommend fake it enough!"
Emma - Swindon

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for my laser treatment it's been so effective my only regret is I didn't do it sooner! No more uncomfortable messy (and undignified!) bikini waxes phew! And not as painful as I expected either. As for my underarms I must confess I didn't believe it would be "virtually pain free" but it was. and for me has saved endless trips to the doctor because I always reacted to other hair removal methods (I have tried them all) with swollen and painful glands coming up under my arms resulting it unsightly underarms time spent at the surgery and a small fortune spent in the chemist every 4 weeks, not only do I not worry about this at all now I also had no reaction to the laser treatment. I will certainly be a long term customer and look forward to my next visit."
Carli - Oxford

“ My skin was looking very grey and unhealthy and this wasn’t what I wanted for my Wedding Day! Jayne took me in hand and made my skin look 15 years younger! I trusted Jayne 100% and she always put me at my ease. After the treatments my skin glowed and felt so soft and wrinkle free, I felt young again. There was a tiny amount of discomfort, but it was worth it for the end results. I looked and felt a million dollars on my wedding day, full of confidence knowing that my skin couldn’t have looked any better”
Jan - Witney

“Having had IPL Lazer treatment and Photo Rejuvenation for thread veins and redness in my cheeks, my face looks clearer and paler than it has in years. I finally don’t need any concealer now.”
Jo - Witney

"Jayne is a delight, smiley, cheerful and reassuring. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Fake It and being an OAP I wish I'd had this treatment a long time ago.

I have had laser hair removal on my top lip, underarms and legs - with really good results - great not to have to bleach, shave, wax or epilate any more. I highly recommend it! Jayne is brilliant - very professional, and good company too."
Cathy - Witney

"I have been receiving unwanted hair removal by Jane. Prior to the treatment I'd heard that it was painful and unsuccessful, not true ! . Jane did her up most to make me feel relaxed, and the laser is no worse than a pin prick with great results after three treatments. In essence I wish I'd done it sooner, it gave me back my confidence.

I would not hesitate to recommend Fake it to my friends."
Sarah - Witney

"I’ve been going to Jayne for some months and have seen a marked difference to the quality of my skin. I had a treatment of peels and laser to refine the surface and take away pigment caused by the sun. I also had a teeth whitening treatment. I’m using her skin care products daily and they really work. I’ve had so many wonderful comments about how lovely my skin looks and I’m extremely pleased with the result. Jayne’s positive and enthusiastic and I completely trust her. She’s honest and will never try to sell me treatments if she doesn’t think I need them. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jayne."
Juliet - Witney

"I can highly recommend fake it, having experienced a variety of treatments with Jayne. The laser hair removal has been a huge success for me, and i can certainly say has made a huge difference to the problem of excess body hair, removing the vast majority after a course of treatment, and improving confidence as a result. "
Lorraine - Oxford

"I have undergone two courses of IPL hair removal treatment with Jayne at Fake It, under arms and full bikini. Both have been one hundred percent successful. The salon is inviting and immaculately clean, Jane is very professional and efficient and puts you at ease immediately with her engaging conversation. I highly recommend Jayne and Fake It and look forward to returning for further treatments in the near future."
Denise - Ascott-u-Wychwood.

"I had bikini line laser treatment initially. Jayne provides a professional and honest service. You are made to feel welcome and the treatment is virtually painless. The treatment was so good that I have since had my legs done. I have recommended Fake it to friends and colleagues"
Ann - Witney.

“My skin looks the best it has ever done thanks to a combination of IPL photo-rejuvenation, RegimA peels and skin care regime administered (prescribed?) by Jayne at Fake-it. For years I had suffered from uncomfortable and unsightly redness and large pores but my skin is now calm, even-coloured and glowing and I am getting lots of compliments thanks to Jayne’s professional and results-focused approach.”
Jackie - Oxford

“I've been having skin treatments with Jayne for two years now and am always getting comments at how amazing my skin looks. Jayne is fantastic at giving great advice on how to get your skin to optimum condition. I realise as you mature it's important to look after your skin, hair and teeth and I would definitely recommend Jayne as skin specialist. Not only does she look after your skin, but is welcoming and immediately puts you at ease.”
Mandy - Sutton

“I have been going to Jayne for my treatments for quite a number of months now and I find her professional, courteous and entertaining. The laser hair removal treatment isn't painful and the benefits are outstanding. Before I started having treatments I could have easily auditioned as the bearded lady for the travelling zoo, but now those days are gone. One of the benefits of the laser hair removal is silky smooth skin afterwards. I cant recommend her highly enough and have urged all my friends o see her before it's too late. ”
Frances - Witney